Samsung’s Iron Man Phone Will Make You Want to Go Fight Bad Guys


Samsung unveiled a limited edition ‘Iron Man’ smartphone on Tuesday to coincide with the Marvel comic book hero’s latest big screen appearance in the box office smash Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Iron-Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge is part of an ongoing partnership that Samsung launched with Marvel last June, in an attempt to find cross-promotional opportunities between movies and electronic devices.

The latest hybrid product comes in a matching red and gold case that Iron Man fans will immediately recognize as their superhero’s preferred color scheme. A decal of Iron Man’s face is also printed on the back of the phone.

Unfortunately for fans stateside, the phone will only go on sale in South Korea, Samsung’s home country, beginning May 27, followed by limited releases in China and Hong Kong in June.

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Studying Under the Masters

Hello friends!

I’ve got some VERY exciting news to share with you!!!

I’ve been asked by Jeanne Oliver to be a teacher for the next Studying Under the Masters online course! I have taken both previous sessions of this amazing class and have grown so much as an artist by doing so! As you can imagine, I am beyond excited!! I get one, whole, fantastic week to share my love of art with you and teach what I have learned from an in-depth, personal study of a past Master – French painter & illustrator – Marie Laurencin.


Click here to register.

Five super talented artists have been selected, studying under the master of their choice – thus becoming the “apprentice”. This kind of master -apprentice learning is centuries old and is core to the practiced skills of all the Masters.

Check out the line-up of amazing teachers!! Wow…can…

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3 Reasons You Need Photoshop with Lightroom

Photofocus (old site)

Lightroom is liberating and fun. It gave me back the results I used to get finishing my pictures in the dark room, plus several techniques that I never learned. It’s a great tool. It’s just not enough.

I still need photoshop to help me finish the visions I have for my imagery, and there are three things I need to do regularly that Lightroom just can’t make happen. That’s why I pay for the CreativeCloud photography plan from Adobe (by the way, Adobe is a partner on this blog, but I pay for my CC subscription out of my own pocket). These three make it more than worthwhile.

1. Swapping Heads

Lightroom isn’t like an onion: it doesn’t have layers. Layers in Photoshop allow me to make several photographs of a group of people and combine the exposures together for the best expression of everyone involved. I shoot using a…

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Getting Started with Real Estate Photography – Upgrading the Client with Video

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Today we’ll continue our look at real estate photography by exploring another service we can provide our customers. These days its essential to deepen the relationship with the client and expand what we can offer, and video can be an ideal solution for certain upscale and commercial projects.

Video Services

Some agents or owners might be interested in more than still imagery to properly display a property and it’s setting within the community. Upscale properties may require additional attention via smooth-motion video capture.

For instance, imagine a still shot of a front door. Now imagine a smooth video approach down the sidewalk, past the nice landscaping and right up to the door – even have someone there to open it as you approach, if possible – and through the main part of the home. Or floating around the back side of a home with a pool or view; through stables…

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Mixed Media Workshop – Success!

Hello friends!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I gotta tell you my heart has been bursting with joy since teaching my Mixed Media Workshop this past weekend!

Oh. My. Goodness! I couldn’t even have wished for a better outcome! All my nerves quickly melted away as I met each beautiful student – 7 shining, bright, amazing women! What a group! Plus, my co-hostess, Katie was SO awesome! She handled all the food, drink and goodies so I could focus on teaching Art! Total bliss!

Instead of rambling on and on, I’ll just share some of the photos…

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.45.51 AM

I wanted to make sure every detail was thought of! It was a labor of LOVE and worth every second.


My living room was gutted and turned into a festive classroom! What a truly rewarding experience to get the opportunity to teach what I am so…

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Winner for November Featured Photo Contest: Barry Mountford

Photofocus (old site)

You might have noticed that each week, we’ve been featuring photos from the Photofocus audience. Thanks to our friends at Drobo, we are thrilled to announce our “Featured Photo Contest.” Every week we will pick a photo that is posted to our Facebook or Google+ communities and feature it on Photofocus!

But there’s more to this than just fame and glory.  We also have prizes.  For this month one of these photographers will win.

  • A Drobo  (5D, 5N, 4 Bay or Mini)
  • A half hour private tutorial Q&A with a Photofocus team member
  • Their portfolio featured on

Congratulations, Barry!

Check out the story behind the image here

How You Can Win

If you’d like to get in on the action for December, just see this post.  We’ll be picking new photos each week.

This Post Sponsored by:

Drobo. A…

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Weekend By the Sea: East Coast Park, Labrador Nature Reserve and Sentosa Beach, Singapore

life to reset

east coast park
There were weekends I holed up inside my room binge watching TV series and there were days where I long for nothing but sunshine and when those days strike I knew exactly where to go in Singapore.

The East Coast Park is synonymous to an active weekend and my personal favorite thing to do is rent a bike and cycle the 15km stretch.
east coast park

Sunshine, sea breeze and that incomparable bliss of cycling which pretty much reminded me of childhood is what exactly I look forward at East Coast Park, apart from a glimpse of somewhat properly arranged tankers across the sea.

East Coast Park can be very crowded specifically on long holiday weekends where locals and tourists alike flock together whether to setup an overnight tent or a picnic mat, whether they are rollerblading or enjoying one of the water venture sports.
east coast park
east coast park
east coast park
east coast park
east coast park
east coast park
east coast park

Apart from East Coast Park another good place…

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